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New Cut in China with Li Na

NEWS / Happy to celebrate another release!!

This time in China with the singer Li Na (Ocean Butterfly)

Our super guy Gionata Caracciolo co-wrote it with our good friendAnna Timgren.

Thanks to our co-publishers Sugar House Publishing AnnSlangar

A special thanks goes to Cindy Lim Sin Yee at Touch for making it happen.


New Cut with Koda Kumi!!

We are glad to announce that Japanese superstar Koda Kumi will release her next single “PUFF” this Friday! (Avex)

Big congratulations to our amazing writers Gionata Caracciolo and Sara Spagnoli who wrote the song together with the super talented Alyssa Ayaka Ichinose@carlylefernandes & @SofiaAhläng!

Thanks also to our cool co-publishers InnerV8 Musiq and SugarHouse Publishing – Obi Mhondera,Ann Slangar

The biggest thanks goes to Yuko from Alstar Music LLCfor the cut!!

“On Our Own” our Now!

On Our Own is out now.

Written before and during quarantine, I feel really connected with this track.

It’s a song about being strong and building our own opinions without being influenced by the news and stupid misinformation.

Cravity’s debut album sold more than 100k!

Cravity’s debut album sold more than 100k!

Congrats to our super producer Gionata Caracciolo and his co-writers!

Val DelPreteSean Alexander@drewryanscott @willieweeks InnerV8Musiq EKKO Music Rights Starship Entertainment(스타쉽엔터테인먼트)


More than 50.000 copies sold in the first week

No. 1 in Sales / More than 50.000 copies sold in the first week for new boy group CRAVITY!

Congrats all and especially to our super producer Gionata Caracciolo who co-wrote and co-produced the title track “Break All The Rules”.

Gabesco Publishing

New cut for Cpop superstar Gladys Li 李靖筠

New Cut!

Out today in the Asian territories the new single of the Hong Kong star Glydis Li 李靖筠 co-written by our Gionata Caracciolo together with the super talented AnnaTimgren

Thanks to Full Music and everyone involved! SugarHouse Publishing Gabesco Publishing 英皇娛樂EEG


“Vega”, the new fresh single by Damien McFly

“Vega” is the new single by Damien McFly.

It has just been released on Spotify and all the digital stores distributed by Awal.

Listen to Vega on SPOTIFY

“Vega is a star that 12000 years ago used to be Earth’s northern star, and it will be again in 13000 years.

The song is about redemption, about recognizing our own mistakes and reshape ourselves in order to become better people, with the help of our loved ones.”

Super Junior perform “ Animals ” in front of 55.000 people crowd at legendary Tokyo Dome.

Super Junior has done it again!

The long-lasting K-pop group has held another round ofsuccessful concerts at the Tokyo Dome in Japan.

On November 30th December1st, the group held their Super Show 7 tour at the famousvenue, thrilling all those in attendance. Due to fewer active members over the past fewyears as many of them served in the military, this is the first time the group has performedat the venue in four years.

The venue holds 55,000 people and both shows were completely sold out, showing thegroup’s lasting popularity in the K-pop world, especially in Japan where they have such ahuge fanbase