Danny Bronzini was born on 23 June 1995 in Pisa (Italy). He developed a strong passion for music in childhood. He followed in his father’s footsteps developing a passion for the guitar, listening to the old vinyls he could find around the house. He started by teaching himself but soon decided to enrol at the Music Academy “Lizard” in Fiesole (Florence, Italy), and then started a study path with Nick Becattini, a guitarist well known in the Italian Blues circle. At 17 he formed the Danny Bronzini Trio, a Hammond-Trio with Soul/Funk and R&B influences. He played on tour with the trio all over Italy and at some of the most important Italian festivals, such as Pistoia Blues (as the support act for BB King), Torrita Blues Festival and Musicastrada Festival. After two years and a change in the formation members of the group, the Danny Bronzini Trio published their first album ‘Waiting For Something Special’ (Musicastrada Records); Danny composed the music and lyrics of all the original songs in the album. After the launch of the album the trio started an Italian tour to promote the CD, opening concerts for Il Teatro Degli Orrori, Modena City Ramblers, Stef Burns League.

He featured on famous radio programmes such as Radio 2 Social Club (with Luca Barbarossa) and Roxy Bar with Red Ronnie. He also won the ‘Toscana 100band’ music prize, which was promoted and funded by the Tuscany region for the most promising bands and artists in the region. The artists were selected by a jury formed by (among the others) Max Gazzè and Taketo Goara.

In 2015 (at the age of 20), he joined the band of Lorenzo Jovanotti as a guitarist (next to Riccardo Onori) and second voice. He played on the ”Lorenzo Negli Stadi 2015′ and ‘Lorenzo Nei Palasport’ tours, a tour with 50 dates in the most important Italian and European stadiums and arenas.

In 2016 he collaborated with Maurizio de Angelis, a composer of soundtracks for film and TV who was well known in the 70s/80s and who founded the duo ‘Oliver Onions’ together with his brother Guido de Angelis. The collaboration included a project that recreated, in a show together with the Hungarian symphonic orchestra, some of the most famous musical compositions of the De Angelis brothers duo.