Self-taught, Greta begins to sing at the age of 3 years old, thanks to the passion of the Afro-american, blues, soul and r’n’b music.

In 2011 mets Michela Lombardi and she approaches to jazz music. From that moment she begins to collaborate with jazz and soul musicians of the tuscan and national circuit. In 2013 she opens the 26th edition of the Barga Jazz Festival. She collaborates as a backing vocal with Raffaella Carrà and Dario Campeotto. She features the first Q Proj album, with special guest the percussionist Efrain Toro.

In 2016 Greta begins to collaborate with Vincenzo Genoese and joined the Italian big band called White Orcs, a funk and acid jazz orchestra for which she writes and composes songs.
Currently she is working to her first italian solo album. In 2017 Mina’s daughter, Massimiliano Pani, chooses Greta to sing in a show about the story of the Italian music. She reinterprets old classics from gregorian chants to Domenico Modugno, Lucio Dalla and current italian pop music.