Gabriele Guidi

Gabriele Guidi, better known as GAB, is the co-owner and co-founder of Gabesco Publishing. He started his career as an artist/composer/pianist/drummer at the age of 16 and at 18, also begun to be interested in sound engineering and arranging.

After working in different studios as a sound engineer, arranger, remixer and producer, he discovered songwriting thanks to Francesco and from here the Gabesco adventure began.

Gab loves music for its power to communicate to people worldwide. He loves movies , from science fiction, to comedies, animation movies and asian scary movies.

He also adores food and cooking, people who know him call him a foodie.

Gab loves to travel and he discovered that writing music is a great way to travel and to live as a citizen of the world.

He recently co-wrote songs for the The Voice, for the top taiwanese artist Rachel Liang (Universal) and many others.

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