Born in dicember 1986, thanks to his parents who share the passion for the music, starts to play acoustic guitar for fun about when he was 10, but is in 2001 that starts his path in composition. Discovers dance music with the Italian network Radio Deejay and in short time, he publishes his 1st song at only 14 on Time Records, the most important indie label in Italy.

After a lot of placements in club music for over 10 years, in 2012, comes out a new big passion: asian music. The same year, there is his 1st cut for a new artist from South Korea: Andamiro. Some years later, he meets Francesco De Santi and in a few months, about 2015, joins as Songwriter\Producer at Gabesco Publishing, writing songs with songwriters around the world.

In January 2018 Gionata co-wrote and produced the title track “Spotlight” for the Korean band VAV collaborating with Ryan Jhun and Marcan.
He recently co-wrote and co-produced with Ekko Music Rights writers the b-side track “With You” included in the successful album “Summer Magic” by girl group Red Velvet and with Anton Dahlrot the song “Animals” by legendary boy group Super Junior, included in their mini album “One More Time” (SM Entertainment.)