Midem in Cannes

Midem in Cannes

The best MIDEM for Gabesco!! It’s always a pleasure and an honor to see how many people of all around the world are interested in working with us!!

Thanks to our future partners and friends Philippe Melmax (Melmax – France), Ann Slangar & Teemu Lillrank (Sugar House – Finland) , Romina Wodara (Roba Music – Germany), Anton Alexeev (First Music – Russia), Maxe Axelsson (Pama Music – Sweden) , Patrick Hamilton (Bromo Music – Belgium), Denise Andrkopoulou and Markos (Dversion – Greece), Nigel Elderton (Peer Music – Europe).

A special thanks to our AMAZING publishers Mark Wijnstakers (Collect Music – Benelux) , David Lopez Cendros (Clippers – Spain), and our Mentor Vince Degiorgio (Cymba – Canada).

Wonderful meetings with Sam Hellemans and the lovely Lydia Celis (Universal – Belgium), Clément Dousset (Scorpio – France), Shield (Rebirth -Italy) and our buddies Rossano Prini DjRoss and Alessandro Viale (Bang Records – Italy) (our song will be a huge HIT!!)

Thanks to Max Moroldo Diy (Do It Yourself – Italy) for the great meeting and the update on our first cut of 2013 with the X-factor contestants , Donatella! Thanks Max!

Thanks to all of you guys !!