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Rachel Liang

We have just received the news that the Rachel Liang‘s album “Yellow Jacket” (Universal Taiwan) debuted at #4 on Taiwan sales album chart. The album include our song “Adam Apple” co-written with the UK writer Steve Howard. Congratulation to Fabio Salvi for his first cut in Asia!

Adam Apple

Written by: Steve Howard, Fabio Salvi, Francesco De Santi and Gabriele Guidi.


Gabesco’s writer and co-owner Gabriele Guidi will be in Singapore next monday writing with the amazing songwriter Lee Hua Chang. Hua works for the multimilionaire asian top company Ocean Butterfly/Too Touch Music. It’s just an incredible honor! Very proud of our team!

South East Asia

Gabesco has officially expanded it’s presence in South East Asia. The pop/rock song Nothing Is Impossible will be recorded by the famous Taiwanese singer and actress Rachel Liang