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American Mary

Great news from Gabesco. Our song “My Suicide” has been confirmed in the upcoming canadian horror movie American Mary! More news coming soon!

Aileen De La Cruz

The Gabesco Team was honored to host the super talented Canadian singer/songwriter Aileen De La Cruz to Tuscany for meetings and songwriting sessions. Some great new HIT songs in the bag. Aileen De La Cruz

Luisa Pepe

This week “My suicide” has been officially released on Itunes worldwide sang by the Canadian Diva Luisa Pepe. This is Gabesco’s 1st release in 2012 and was written by Taryn Murphy, Top Dj Ronnie “Chico” di Chico and Francesco de Santi, produced by Sonny Black. Remixes presently in production from remixer Dave Stephen as well as French DJ/Producer Leomeo will also be available on Leomeo’s forthcoming compilation album Out & Proud 4 due for release on June 12th. La Chapelle Records also announced a Dubstep version by UK producer Fed Conti. A videoclip is presently in pre-production by Dan « Saycool » Caouette, a audio-visual artist famous on the Quebec nightlife scene. Listen on iTunes


The Gabesco family has just got back from an amazing song writing trip in Toronto where we were invited by the incredible publisher and songwriter Vince Degiorgio ( Caro Emerald, Nsync). It was a real honor to work with the following top songwriters and multi-platinum producers: John AcostaDerek BrinTino Zolfo (Peer Music), Aileen De La CruzAva KayAnastasia AndranovShawn ZhangXiaoyang Feng and of course Vince Degiorgio. We also had the opportunity to do some sessions in the recording engineer and producer John Bailey’s studio, winner of a Juno Award. altogether the Gabesco Family collaborated on 10 new hot tracks.

Vincent Degiorgio

The Gabesco team was honored to host the extraordinary Vincent Degiorgio, in Lucca. Vince has worked with a variety of international artists including his most recent success with the amazing Dutch artist Caro Emerald (top 10 around the world) and was also an important music industry executive. We were delighted to have been given the chance to co-write with him on 3 new tracks. Video Diary:


Really honored to produce the remix of the first single for the Canadian upcoming artist Michi. Already released in the Benelux by Silver Angel Records. Coming soon in Canada

My Suicide

We’re happy to announce that our song, “My Suicide”, was chosen as a first single for Luisa Pepe, a Canadian diva’s new album. The song was co-written by the Gabesco team, Taryn Murphy and Ronnie “Chico” Di Cicco.