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Dreaming Now


This is probably the most exciting news we’ve received this year at Gabesco so far.  As of “Today November 13, 2013” Koda Kumi’s single “Dreaming Now” (Avex) has been released including our hit song XXX as b-side. Kumi Koda is considered one of the best selling solo Japanese female artist of All-Time having sold more than 15,000,000 records in Japan alone.

This is a HUGE cut for our company and we want to share this magnificent achievement with the writer and Gabesco’s co-founder and artistic writer Gabriele Guidi along with the lovely Michela Lombardi who co-wrote this hot track.

Thanks to our co-writers in Japan T-Sk, HIROMI a.k.a Rainbow and Koda Kumi.

A special thanks goes to our amazing Japanese Publisher Hide Kawada and his company United Future Creators who made this possible.

Congratulation to Everyone.!-single/id734259174?l=en 


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