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MARIO BIONDI (International Release)

International release for Gabesco. The song “WHERE DOES THE MONEY GO” is included in the new album of the Italian artist MARIO BIONDI, one of Italy’s most important contribution to the music world after Eros Ramazzotti and Laura Pausini.

Co-written by Gabesco’s music collaborator Luca Pachetti and Gabesco’s co-owner Gabriele Guidi together with UK’s super writer Rob Davis who co-wrote the colossal hit “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” sung by Kylie Minogue.

Mario’s album has been released in more than 12 countries.


Gabesco recently placed another song in the famous soap opera The Young And The Restless at CBS. This is the 6th time running songs with them.

After 3 years, The Horror Movie American Mary has been released in several countries around the world and later on DVD. The trailer and the Movie contains our song “My Suicide” co-written with US producer Ronnie “Chico” Di Cicco and Taryn Murphy.

Gabesco’s writers Francesco De Santi, Gabriele Guidi and collaborator Filippo Guerrieri continues to successfully celebrate new placements on Mediaset, the largest commercial broadcaster in Italy including the famous movie “Scusa Ma Ti Voglio Sposare” starring Roul Bova.


Fascia Singapore 3Gabesco did it once again!! Gabriele Guidi was in Singapore for a great writing and business trip. In these 3 days Gab wrote songs with 2 talented songwriters , Tristan and Salyonn.  Thanks to our asian super publisher Touch Music. Gab also met super producer Tat Tong and they discussed future plans.


Another release for Gabesco! This time in Canada with the hot upcoming artist Anastasia A. The co-owners Gabriele Guidi and Francesco De Santi wrote the song “Something Happens” together with the awesome top Uk songwriter Rob Davis (who wrote “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” By Kylie Minogue). The track is included in her first EP called “Something Inside You“.

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Out June 16, 2014

– Gabesco Publishing –


We are happy to announce that another Gabesco song was played on the famous American Soap Opera “The Young and The Restless“. More than 8 million viewers!

The song is called “ONE” and it’s written by our friend, the super talented Roxy Prince from the Uk and Gabriele Guidi!

Thanks again to our dear friend Paul Antonelli!

Congrats once again guys!!

At the beginning and at 04:34 

– Gabesco Publishing –


Gabesco’s amazing artistic songwriter Gabriele Guidi was personally invited by one of our biggest partners in Asia Touch Music to write with the fantastic duo Chris & Peter. The sessions took place in the company’s studio and they worked on producing new songs for a popular Tv Series.

Thanks to our Asian family, Ivy and Juan for your cooperation and enthusiasm.

– Gabesco Publishing –


Koda Kumi‘s new single “Dreaming Now” is Top 10 on the Oricon charts this week. The cd include as b-side the song “XXX” co-written by Gabesco Team.

Congratulation to Gabriele Guidi and Michela Lombardi.

A special thanks to Hide Kawada and his team at UFC.

– Gabesco Publishing –


This is probably the most exciting news we’ve received this year at Gabesco so far.  As of “Today November 13, 2013” Koda Kumi’s single “Dreaming Now” (Avex) has been released including our hit song XXX as b-side. Kumi Koda is considered one of the best selling solo Japanese female artist of All-Time having sold more than 15,000,000 records in Japan alone.

This is a HUGE cut for our company and we want to share this magnificent achievement with the writer and Gabesco’s co-founder and artistic writer Gabriele Guidi along with the lovely Michela Lombardi who co-wrote this hot track.

Thanks to our co-writers in Japan T-Sk, HIROMI a.k.a Rainbow and Koda Kumi.

A special thanks goes to our amazing Japanese Publisher Hide Kawada and his company United Future Creators who made this possible.

Congratulation to Everyone.!-single/id734259174?l=en 


– Gabesco Publishing –


Warner Music Singapore

We are excited to announce that the record “The Bangers Feat Chris Madin – You’ll Find Me” has been licensed exclusively to Warner Music Singapore for South East Asia. Gabesco Team is the co-writer and co-publisher for the project.


Dance project The Bangers Feat Chris Madin has been included in “MIAMIBIZA Hits 2013″ Cd released by Roster Music and in “DJ TRACKS VOLUME 1 Recommended by Pioneer”  released by the Bang Record.  Buy Here:

The Young And The Resteless

For the second time the Gabesco song ALL OF ME written by Gabriele Guidi, Luca Pachetti, and Lewis Clay will be played on the famous CBS tv show The Young and The Resteless. The song is performed by Lewis Clay.  The Show will air on Friday, August 30th. Thanks to Paolino!

– Gabesco Publishing –

Create The Empathy


The famous Hong Kong singer Vincy Chan has released a new album last week and it contains a song co-written last year in Singapore by the genius Gabriele Guidi together with Hua Lee Chang.

To listen to the song click HERE


– Gabesco Publishing –