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Roxy Prince

We enjoyed a co-writing session with Roxy Prince here in Lucca, a very talented singer/songwriter from London whose had hits in the Uk soul chart and works at a National UK radio station. His brief visit to Tuscany ended with new great songs. “One” and “Give Into Love”.

Vincent Degiorgio

The Gabesco team was honored to host the extraordinary Vincent Degiorgio, in Lucca. Vince has worked with a variety of international artists including his most recent success with the amazing Dutch artist Caro Emerald (top 10 around the world) and was also an important music industry executive. We were delighted to have been given the chance to co-write with him on 3 new tracks. Video Diary:

Eric Beall

We had the pleasure of meeting Eric Beal in Lucca, David Guetta’s American publisher and music business veteran to discuss various future projects.