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Vince Degiorgio

Midem in Cannes

The best MIDEM for Gabesco!! It’s always a pleasure and an honor to see how many people of all around the world are interested in working with us!!

Thanks to our future partners and friends Philippe Melmax (Melmax – France), Ann Slangar & Teemu Lillrank (Sugar House – Finland) , Romina Wodara (Roba Music – Germany), Anton Alexeev (First Music – Russia), Maxe Axelsson (Pama Music – Sweden) , Patrick Hamilton (Bromo Music – Belgium), Denise Andrkopoulou and Markos (Dversion – Greece), Nigel Elderton (Peer Music – Europe).

A special thanks to our AMAZING publishers Mark Wijnstakers (Collect Music – Benelux) , David Lopez Cendros (Clippers – Spain), and our Mentor Vince Degiorgio (Cymba – Canada).

Wonderful meetings with Sam Hellemans and the lovely Lydia Celis (Universal – Belgium), Clément Dousset (Scorpio – France), Shield (Rebirth -Italy) and our buddies Rossano Prini DjRoss and Alessandro Viale (Bang Records – Italy) (our song will be a huge HIT!!)

Thanks to Max Moroldo Diy (Do It Yourself – Italy) for the great meeting and the update on our first cut of 2013 with the X-factor contestants , Donatella! Thanks Max!

Thanks to all of you guys !!


The Gabesco family has just got back from an amazing song writing trip in Toronto where we were invited by the incredible publisher and songwriter Vince Degiorgio ( Caro Emerald, Nsync). It was a real honor to work with the following top songwriters and multi-platinum producers: John AcostaDerek BrinTino Zolfo (Peer Music), Aileen De La CruzAva KayAnastasia AndranovShawn ZhangXiaoyang Feng and of course Vince Degiorgio. We also had the opportunity to do some sessions in the recording engineer and producer John Bailey’s studio, winner of a Juno Award. altogether the Gabesco Family collaborated on 10 new hot tracks.

International songwriters

Gabesco has expanded its songwriting collaborations and is pleased to have worked with a variety of International songwriters including Michael Jay, Vince Degiorgio, Curtis Richardson, Tim Goodacre, Daniel Sherman, Taryn Murphy, Cayte Webber, Corey Andrew, Hakan Lundberg and many more.